Taskforce M.O.E.

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Please read the following before using the site:
  • Taskforce M.O.E. reserves the right to delete or modify your account, or any content you have posted to the site.
  • You will make a best faith effort to upload only high quality anime-related images.
  • You have read the tagging guidelines.

    Prohibited and Restricted Content

    You may not upload any of the following:
  • Non-anime: Photographs of American porn actresses, for example, are prohibited. Photographs of cosplayers, figures, or prominent figures in the industry are acceptable.
  • Manga: Uploading entire manga or doujinshi chapters is discouraged. Individual pages can be uploaded if they meet the quality criterion.
  • Fake translations: Images that have false translations are not allowed in any case.
  • Pornographic nudity or sex: Any clear depiction of genitalia, intercourse, or other sex acts, censored or uncensored. Please use the lewd tag.
  • Grotesque: Any depiction of extreme mutilation, extreme bodily distension, feces, or bodies that are far outside the realm of normal human proportion (for example, breasts that are larger than three heads in size or penises that are larger than two heads in size). Please use the guro tag.
  • Premium/paywalled content: Images and content exclusive to an artist's Patreon/Pixiv Fanbox/etc. supporters.

    The following may be uploaded, but will be put to a higher level of artistic and qualitative scrutiny than normal, and (if applicable) you must tag them with the corresponding tag. Please do not upload more than 20 a day of these works:
  • Western: Drawings of characters from non-Japanese comics, games, and other properties.
  • Furry: Any explicit image where a person's skin is made of fur or scales. Please use the furry tag.
  • Self Artwork: You can upload your own artwork so long as it meets other quality criteria

    The following may be uploaded but are generally not recommended unless a better copy cannot be found:
  • Third-Party Watermark: Any image where a person who is not the original copyright owner has placed a watermark on the image.
  • Poorly compressed: Any image where compression artifacts are easily visible. An exception to this is if the image was uploaded by the artist and there are no higher quality versions available.
  • Nude Filter: Images that have been edited by someone other than the original creator to remove clothing or censorship. These typically feature crude drawings of breasts or genitalia laid on top of the original image.

    Copyright Infringement

    If you believe a post infringes upon your copyright, please send an email to the webmaster with the following pieces of information:
  • The URL of the infringing post.
  • Proof that you own the copyright.

    Privacy Policy

    Taskforce M.O.E. will not disclose the IP address, email address, password, or DMails of any user except to the staff.

    Taskforce M.O.E. is allowed to make public everything else, including but not limited to: uploaded posts, favorited posts, comments, forum posts, wiki edits, and note edits.

    You may have alternative accounts for bots or scripts, but if there's any suspicion you either create a new account or reuse an existing one to evade a ban or any sort of account limitation (limited uploads, loss of flagging or user feedback permissions), then all your accounts will be banned. Bot accounts that flag posts or leave user feedback are not permitted and will be banned.

    Account sharing is not permitted. If you are suspected of sharing an account, then it will be banned.