Taskforce M.O.E.

"Five years ago, I lost thirty thousand men in the blink of an eye... And the world just fuckin' watched."


artist:jpc holster tagme weapon:scar_h // 1600x1900 // 1.7MB artist:jpc holster tagme weapon:scar_h // 1800x1800 // 1.6MB artist:technofuyuno headset school_uniform suppressor tagme weapon:mp7 weapon:scar_h // 2160x671 // 1.3MB artist:dreadtie headset school_uniform tagme weapon:scar_h // 4079x2899 // 1.2MB animal_ears artist:dreadtie fox_ears holographic_sight tagme weapon:scar_h // 1194x1077 // 807.6KB artist:daito school_uniform tagme weapon:scar_h // 1000x800 // 677.9KB artist:daito grenade_launcher headset helmet tagme weapon:scar_h // 750x1000 // 577.1KB